You want it darker. You Want It Darker; an analysis

I preordered this CD some time before it was released Listen to the interviews of which there are many
The last two lines make this clear: God intends for humans to suffer, but it is human action that sees it through Matthew 10 warns of persecution

Wrestling With God: Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker

We now know how the album was created.

Wrestling With God: Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker
I can hear the song he might have written
You Want It Darker; an analysis
The first line derives from Jewish liturgy, which itself is derived from Psalm 92:2 and 99:3
Leonard Cohen
His songs are multi-layered, metaphysical, melodious
The wages of sin is death, but Christ came to set the captives free I do feel that early loss deepened his sensibility, many times brought him to the brink, turned him to alcohol, drugs
Those of us who heard Adam Cohen, who watched interviews over the years, didn't we feel the stab of his pain, of his painful, measured departure Then, one after the other, I picked up " " and " ," as well as " " and "

You Want It Darker

A wonderful work from a great and very humble man.

Cohen, Leonard
He was the paladin of life's emotions
You want it darker
It looks like a really well-lit horror movie to them
You Want It Darker ...
Another conjugation is used by Isaiah in 6:8 When I first heard the phrase, I thought that it was an admission of guilt: Cohen had done something terribly wrong
Magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name Vilified, crucified, in the human frame A million candles burning for the help that never came You want it darker The first two lines are impeccable, in the oldest sense of the word You rarely find anything of the sort in his songs

Leonard Cohen

Their union recalls the haunted musical qualities of 1984's.

Leonard Cohen
Cohen, Leonard
I'll be speakin' to you sweetly from a window in the Tower of Song
Leonard Cohen
Years later I learned Cohen was coming to my city