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we have them all! We are seeking to provide the highest level of services Choose the location you want your food to be delivered to
Just pick your favorite and order easily You can now order your food anytime, anywhere with just a couple of clicks! Follow these simple steps: - Where you at? - Choose a paying method, check out, relax and wait for your order! done! Even if it was too far, why should that be a concern? - After you finished picking your order, you can give us all the minor details that you want

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There is no reason, as far as I know, to remove restaurants and shops from my selection because of my location.

Large and small is not enough info! First of all, i just download the app, and they offer free delivery on the first order plus discount for the meal, yet when i ordered, they charged me for delivery and put it as a credit to my account which got expired after a while! Extra mayo?
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The driver then takes the order and delivers it to my location
No ketchup? HungerStation is here to the rescue! Even when i want to you the credit money there a rules like i have to put my card info to pay the rest of the bill
done! - After you choose a restaurant, pick whatever you want from their menu and add it to your basket! That is just a twisted scam! Wish you a good day for example, it should give info about the food ingredients incase of someone has an allergy of something, and it should add a box of instruction about the food incase of i want to remove something from the food i ordered, and exactly the size of drink
If you face any issue Please raise a ticket through the application and the concern team will get back to you shortly Not a single one of these processes should be concerned with my location

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Developer Response , Hello Dear, Greeting, thank you for your feedback and we apologize for your experience.

أفضل مطاعم الشاورما السورية والمصرية في مصر
What is that about!!!!? So basically I just paid over SR100 and got nothing! They simply deliver my order
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Save yourself the headache and frustration and try pretty much any other app in Saudi
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So why is it now that they decided that it was too far? - Remember, first thing you do after choosing your location is always to check the OFFERS page! Daily offers on more than 10k stores for everything you need from food, coffee, flower shops, groceries, pharmacies, and more! We enhanced the way you order your food to a more convenient and a flexible way! So why does the app remove certain stores from my selection? We love you! Also, the app need a lots of of work and development, it should give more details about the food, drinks, etc