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As long as you create a backup you will also be able extract the Whatsapp iCloud backup that is created by the app Do note however that due to recent security concerns, Apple has increased the security requirements for access of iCloud accounts by 3rd party applications
At a surface level, iCloud just handles all of your iPhone backups and syncs files between apps CopyTrans Shelbee will allow you to make validated backups to your PC which will further be available for full restore or restore of selected components

How Apple's iCloud Drive works — and how to use it

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iCloud : How to use it, pricing, features, troubleshooting, etc
Surely, these messages are on the cloud and on Apple's server
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A popup will prompt you to agree to new terms and conditions if there are any
iCloud storage is full: 7 tips on how to clear iCloud storage
With iCloud backup enabled for WhatsApp, a significant portion of your iCloud storage will be taken
In reverse it will also sync every photo you upload to your Mac to the Photos app on your phone It will also erase all of the data you currently have on the device, you may lose messages you've received prior to making the last backup
They usually do this automatically, but if apps aren't syncing how you expect them to, you might need to tweak the settings yourself Depending on how you've got your phone set up, your data could be stored in different parts of iCloud

How to Restore from iCloud (with Pictures)

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After getting the data, you are able to read text messages on the computer
How to Restore from iCloud (with Pictures)
The Mac you activate last will create its own folder for the contents of its Documents and Desktop, and this will also sync
How to download iCloud photos, messages and backups
So my question is, is there any chance to get this running? With CopyTrans Filey you can browse through your files in a way that makes sense: find the heaviest, oldest, and latest ones with ease
And apps can only access your photos with your permission With iPhone Backup Extractor securely connected to your iCloud account, you'll be able to browse your iCloud backups, iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream, and other account data
My main problems have come from three different parts of the iCloud service: iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Drive, and iCloud backups So whether you've got issues with iCloud not loading or you can't sign into iCloud from your iPhone, you can find how to fix your problem below

iCloud and Office 365 Windows

Photos is taking longer to load than expected.

3 Ways to Create an iCloud Account
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Due to the reason, even if someone has your Apple ID, they cannot see your text messages
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You may get the message at this point that iCloud for Outlook is installed and ready