Watch together. Prime Video Watch Party: Stream TV & Movies With Friends

If you planned to watch a movie on your TV, you should work out before getting started Depending on the streaming service you want to use, you may need to install the twoseven extension for Chrome or Firefox
How it Works Watch Together is easy to use More selections coming soon — keep your eyes peeled! You can still send text-based chat messages to your friends, but you need to use a different app if you want to use voice chat or video chat while watching the movie

The 9 Best Ways to Watch Movies Together Online

They can be played in a room created by the user.

The 9 Best Ways to Watch Movies Together Online
What's more, the majority of these services only work on a computer and many of them only work with the Google Chrome browser
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Alternatively, videos can be added to a playlist of the room like other services by entering the URL
10 Best Ways to Watch Videos Together with Friends
Earlier this year, we rolled out to help you stay more connected with your friends and family, no matter where they might be
It is not a con, but there is room for improvement Additional information related to content availability while traveling can be found
When you use Plex's Watch Together feature, it syncs everyone's video so that you're all watching something at the same time Rave Rave is an application for smartphones, primarily Android and iOS based

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I hope you liked the list of some of the best ways to watch movies together with your friends.

Chrome Web Store
As a participant, to use Watch Party on a FireTV device, you will need to join through the invite link that you receive on your mobile device and follow the instructions to join
Prime Video Watch Party: Stream TV & Movies With Friends
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Kast offers a selection of independent movies alongside mainstream films available through Tubi